Mocapor - Comércio e Indústria de Mármores, Lda.

Project Name:
Mocapor internationalization project - Diversification of markets and marketing channels
Project Code: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-035122
Main objective: Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of Intervention: Alcanede, Santarém
Beneficiary Entity: Mocapor - Comércio e Indústria de Mármores, Lda.
Date of Approval: 27/02/2018
Start date: 08/01/2017
Date of Completion: 07/31/2020
Total Investment: € 565,376.25
Financial support from the European Union: ERDF - € 241,009.31

Project's Description

With the ongoing implementation of the investment plan approved by SI Inovação, Mocapor is equipped with the most advanced technical skills and computer systems to become a smart factory, while creating the conditions for a positive paradigm in customers relationships while straighten those relations as well. In fact, virtualizing the entire process and digitizing the entire stock of raw materials and products (by associating QR codes with up-to-date information in real time) will undoubtedly help to move closer to the final links of the value chain, since the phases of choice of materials – fostering/procurement - through the design and assign phases - contributing to the creative work of architects and decorators - to the monitoring of the various stages of transformation, while enabling also with the possibility to setup a virtual dry lay of the goods produced through the use of high resolution images that will be supported with a dedicated software and finally, the control of shipment and delivery.

In order to create the technical capacities for the production and availability of a differentiated products, both in terms of its physical characteristics and its immaterial factors (extended product), it is necessary to develop a structured plan in the commercial area, not only to communicate the new factors of differentiation but yet, its products and its services and above all to identify and promote the approach to the targets it has defined - more sophisticated and demanding markets and high premium segments available to value up this differentiation.

In order to reach the objectives set, the company defined an investment plan that will firstly enhance its brand image thus allowing to reposition it into more demanding segments and introduce innovative and adjusted communication factors to the new defined targets.

It is intended, therefore, a commitment to a well-targeted communication that takes advantage of the distinctive competencies that are generated by the ongoing investment (digitization, cataloguing and virtualization of the product and process) and spread them in the most efficient channels.

Armed with the appropriate communication products, Mocapor will launch a program of international prospection and promotion, whose main objectives will be to approach the new segments and more sophisticated marketing channels in the selected markets.
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