Mocapor still has plenty of travels to make. Every quest that is won - that we proudly show in our project portfolio - reinforces our intrepidness and motivation to deserve the trust of the next customer, even in the most demanding international markets that we set the goal to be in.
Bob Myers, Warriors General Manager

Today we still don't know of the company has grown with our family or if it was our family that grew with the company… maybe it was a little bit of both.
- José Luís, Founder and Owner of Pedramoca and Mocapor

Mocapor has born in a family environment in 1992. Since then, the close bonds extended to our oldest collaborators, whether they were in the quarries or in the trucks, behind a desk or in front of a cutting machine. We ensured ourselves that each bond long-lasted the company identity, and that each one of those bonds had the strength to take Mocapor even further. Whatever may be our fate, we know that we want to make each step that we go through with the people that nurture the same core values that each one of us also have.

Like a child that grows and transforms his own rebellion in independence, Mocapor also grew and mature following the footsteps of its parent Pedramoca, company founded in 1982. Until it was the time to prove itself its own worth and follow the path of stone transformation, facing its own challenges in a fierce, demanding and globalized market such as the ornamental rock one.