2015 brought a desire to evolve and the will to show more about what the company and the Mocapor face and conquer every day. A profound graphic communication redesign of the various institutions that make up this group of companies - Pedramoca, Mocapor, MocaporSul and Movistone - culminated in November with the launch of the new website of Mocapor, where you are now.

From day one, this project was very clear: to present a series of functional and inspiring services for all our partners and customers all over the globe, but also to reinforce the communication of the values that are defended by each individual who composes the Mocapor brand. Gone are the days when the website was to present only the same phone number and postal address! This site was developed to be a useful tool, in constant evolution, and prepared to surprise you each time you make a new visit to our digital address.

New Material Catalogue
Mocapor aims to elevate Stone to the status which it really deserves, and not only to the status of a commodity: it is a product that Nature has prepared for each one of us for thousands of years, and this website is a humble attempt to show our respect for the strength of the world where we live in. And with a bold extra step: generous product pictures, where you can capture the true essence of every stone in detail, where we assume the unique character (there are no defects!) of every inch of stone.

Each product that we have in our new catalogue -may it be the classic Moca Creme and beige limestone Moleanos (Gascogne) or the rejuvenated and pink limestones Lioz Rosa and Lioz Beige, the famous Rosal or the astonishing trilogy of Lagos - Blue, Gold and Mix - have one point in common: our demand to present quality products and our desire to take Portugal to all the world. See every stone here (link).

Let yourself be inspired!
In addition to a vast and renovated stone catalog, it was carried out a reportage by quarries, factories and facilities, so you can know exactly who and what can you count on when you work with us. Of the 9 quarries, 2 processing plants and 1 central office, we got numerous photos that now describe our products and services, but also formed an original visual journey: Inspiration by Color (link).

Travel between the cream tones of soft Moca stone to the reddish tones of the quarry of Moleanos, expressive textures of plates cut into factory, passing by the expressive textures of slabs cut in the factory, or by the softness of the heavens that illuminate our stone applied in facades around the world. Inspiration by Color allows a search for color tone, so you can inspire yourself in pictures that can arise from a quarry or material already applied in a special project.

Services that boost your business
In addition to the new tools and inspirational features, it was also created a private area accessible only to Mocapor customers. At the backoffice, each client will have at its own disposal a custom area, where it will be presented a detailed history of purchases and products, and where each client can update the information made visible solely to Mocapor.

This backoffice will also give each customer access to information and unique data about Mocapor products: high resolution photos with several finishings, to first-hand access of new marketing documents for those same materials, and also to a direct sales channel.

A service of online sales as you haven't seen!
Surely you've seen and used many online stores, but we are sure that our online shop - planned and designed exactly for the experience and professional service of this commercial area - will have several advantages. It will channel your backoffice data to the store in order to simplify the whole billing process, and it will take into account your purchase history so you never miss a great business opportunity.

To Mocapor, the boundary between the traditional sales and digital sales should not exist, and that's why we guarantee the same experience and level of service on our website or in an internal fair: it will be our sales personel to manage your applications in the way we always did in the past, with the advantage of versatility and convenience ... in a distance of a few clicks!

Very soon, the backoffice service and online store will be at your disposal.
For now, we invite you to view our renewed product catalog here.

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