The ambition of Mocapor professionals to constantly show his best received in 2015 a new drive and motivation: last year we doubled up perspiration and inspiration to renew the image across the entire organization, in order to better show all the values we stand for since 1992.

With the corporate imageredesign and the growth of the product portfolio it would be logical to present a new product catalog, but we set the company standards always higher. The newly created Marketing Department at Mocapor had in its hands one of the biggest challenges that the company have ever faced, and gave an unique response. After an extensive internal review, followed by a photographic study, the Mocapor's brand redesign took shape in a new graphic and verbal communication language. It were presented two publications, complementary to each other, in order to better respond to different communication requirements, and also a more versatile and unique approach to meet all clients for stone sample requests:

1st - A light catalog, of commercial approach, where you can get to know the path of the company since its genesis, and meet the varied stone catalog that the company has to offer to the market. To show the quality and uniqueness with which each piece was created, this catalogue has received special attention by having 4 graphic variations of its cover page.

2nd - A book, deep and complete, where Mocapor opens itself without fears, and exposes its desires and biggest challenges since, in the 60's, nature created an umbilical link with the first professionals of this organization. The photostory proposes to present and also to inspire, which is why Mocapor includes a visual perspective on the best projects conquered all over the world.

3rd - Samples Catalogue Be Creative, a fresh and versatile object, designed with functionality and customization to each architect, engineer and professional of the natural stone business area. Be Creative! -This version of samples of Mocapor stones is ideal for transport, comparison and presentation of several stone finishings, as well as an excellent work tool to all project and construction player around the world.

3 exciting reasons to get to know us better!

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